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1 | "Handsel" is an Eastern Grey Squirrel contributed courtesy Don Yoder. "This little squirrel really was smart. He understood when I called his name, he knew what "no" meant and he waited until I got up in the morning before running around the house, even if I slept until noon. The picture shows where he slept at night. It was a stack of chairs and Handsel climbed to the very top where I had placed a blanket there for him. He would snuggle into the blanket and then pull it over his head and go to sleep. Once I released him outside he would still come when I called him, even when he was way out in the woods out of sight. It took him some time to get weaned from his blanket. He would want to come in every night to sleep after playing outside all day. The other squirrels would chase him and "laugh" at him. Handsel would come running over to me and get up on my shoulder and taunt them knowing he was now safe. He finally got tired of the other squirrels making fun of him and can now hold his own without running to me."... Don 
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