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1 | 'Zineb' is a Brushtail Possum contributed courtesy Rebecca. "I originally hand raised her mother, name Merina after her mum died after falling from a tree in a bad windstorm. Her mother is now 2. 6 months ago Merina gave birth to little zineb ^^ A few months later she poked her little head out of the pouch. They are now both sucessfully introduced into the wild that is my backyard, but still come and sleep in my room (through a tunnel in my roof) during the day, to ensure they come to no harm. Each night they come down to my shed and I give them a cuddle and some yummy treats, like fruit and some of their favourite leaves which don't grow anywhere near us. I love my Merina and Zineb, they are an unusual pet, but they are one of my most treasured friends."... Rebecca 
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