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3 | Dumbo Rat. picture and information contributed courtesy Jesse Patrick. "The dumbo mutation appeared first in the pet trade, and as of this writing (Oct 15, 2005) the scientific community appears to be unaware of this interesting mutation in domestic rats. The dumbo mutation has not yet been noticed, measured or studied by developmental biologists or geneticists. No papers have yet been published on this mutation in rats.Therefore, the following list of traits is entirely anecdotal. It has been gleaned from descriptions of owners of dumbo rats, and from descriptions of dumbo rat standards and faults from fancy rat organizations. This list is quite informal and imprecise. Not all dumbo rats have all of these traits:Ear shape: The dumbo mutation produces a wide variety of ear shapes and sizes. Most desirable among pet rat breeders are large, round, low-set ears. But the dumbo mutation may also produce creased, bent, folded, wrinkled, curled, misshapen, narrow, pointed, oblong and tubular ears. Ears may be positioned higher or lower on the skull. Ears may also be asymmetrical.Skull shape: The top of the skull may be flat and broad. Some dumbo skulls may be concave. Skull may have a prominent occiput (back of skull), which may give the rat a hunchback appearance.Jaw shape: Some dumbos may have have a small lower jaw.Eye shape: Some dumbos may show differences in eye shape and position (pers. comm. Dann 2005).Body shape: Body may be stocky.Ear movement: some owners report that their female dumbo rats do not vibrate their ears when they are in heat (pers. comm. Dann 2005).Temperament: Dumbos are reputed to have a docile, calm temperament."  
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