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1 | Northern Pine Snake, contributed courtesy Jacqueline Price. "Pine Snakes are powerful constrictors, with adults being capable of capturing and killing rabbits and large rats.Sometimes mistaken for rattlesnakes, pine snakes are able to hiss loudly and will vibrate their tails when threatened. Pine Snakes can grow between 5 and 7 feet long and are powerfully built with a small head. They are light-colored with black or brown blotches on back and sides. The snout is somewhat pointed, with an enlarged rostral scale extending upward between internasal scales. Pine Snakes inhabit the Coastal Plains and the Sandhills. They inhabit pine woods, scrub oak forests, sandhills, and areas with wiregrass. Their numbers have decreased significantly and they are now listed as a species of special concern in North Carolina."... Jacqueline. 
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