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3 | "This is the lovely and talented Ebonayia my 3+ foot red tail boa that I've had for a little over a year now. She's grown around a foot and a half and is getting some girth to her. She's awesome, I love her and just can't get enough of her. I'd reccomend this breed of snake over any other to start out with. Ball pythons are too picky and stubborn, easy to care for as is a red tail, they're just smaller and less prone to biting. I've only been bitten once by this girl only because my hand got in the way of her food...oops lol. Eh just felt like a bee sting. But for 20 inches she drew some blood, them teeth aren't forgiving even at that size, imagine 2 more feet!" Contributed courtesy Megan Carsner. 
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