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1 | The Five-lined Skink, also known as the Blue Tailed Skink and the Great Plains Skink, is found in North America from central and western United States north into southern Canada. Their natural habitats are moist, but not wet, wooded or partially wooded areas. These areas have abundant low lying cover and basking areas such as bush piles and shed bark, logs and stumps, and rock outcroppings. The Five-lined Skink only reaches about 8 1/2" in length and live about 6 years in their natural environment. As its name suggests, the notable characteristic of the Five-lined Skink is its five yellow to cream colored stripes running from its snout to its tail, and a blue tail on some specimens. These five 'lines' are separated by darker stripes. These darker lines, however may get lighter with age, and could eventually disappear in an older specimen. Submitted courtesy Ken Childs. 
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