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1 | Brown anoles, though native to Cuba, the Bahamas, and islands throughout the Caribbean, are now also found in the southern United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and Jamaica. is also known as the Cayman Island Blue Iguana and the Grand Cayman Iguana. It is a robust little anole reaching up to a little over 2" in length. Its colors vary from light grey to black, and it can be have irregular dark patches. The females are similar but usually have a white stripe running along the back. Like other species of anole, the male has a dewlop that can be a bright orange red when it is displaying. Submitted courtesy Ken Childs. 
Camera: Canon PowerShot A40 | Date: 07-17-04 | Resolution: 692 x 458 | Exposure Time: 1/640s | Aperture: 4.8 | Focal Length: 16.2mm | White Balance: Auto white balance | Flash: Flash did not fire, auto
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