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1 | The Vietnamese Mossy Frog is a good sized frog, reach up to about three and a half inches. They have green skin with black spots and stains, looking like a bunch of moss. Found in northern parts of Vietnam, they live in flooded caves or in deep niches on the sides of mountain streams. They sit in the water with only their head above the surface. It they sense danger, they will immediately dart to the bottom and to bury themselves in the debris. Submitted courtesy Ken Childs. 
Photographer: unknown | Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT | Date: 07-02-07 | Resolution: 2128 x 1514 | ISO: 400 | Exposure Mode: Easy shooting | Exposure Time: 1/60s | Aperture: 4.0 | Focal Length: 100.0mm | White Balance: Auto white balance | Flash: Flash fired, auto
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