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22 | Video - Orange-fin Clownfish Amphiprion chrysopterus The Orange-fin Clownfish is a good, hardy anemonefish for any marine aquarium enthusiast. These clownfish are usually harder to find but are easily kept in the home aquarium. There are also a large number of host anemones they will accept, and many of them are generally available too. A bold striking specimen, this is a great fish for a new aquarist. The attractive Orange-fin Clownfish is a durable and enjoyable clown fish species. Not only are they very robust, but are bold strong swimmers and will spend most of their time out in the open. Once settled a pair will vigorously defend an establish territory. This fish will do well in a either a coral-rich tank or in a fish only tank. Provide it with an anemone host or other invertebrates in a reef tank or some rock structures in a fish only aquarium. Though in the wild they are associated with anemones they will readily adapt without one, and may even adopt a rock structure or other invertebrate as a substitute host. A pair will readily spawn and tenatiously protect their eggs, even in the midst of harrassement from other pesky damselfish. The eggs will often be out in the open, but they are quick to hatch, usually within about 30 minutes. It is a member of the group of anemonefish in the Clarkii Complex. Some others in this group are the Allard's Clownfish and the Oman Anemonefish, along with the Two-band and Three-band Anemonefish, and Clarki or Clarks Clownfish. 
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