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1 | Photo contributed courtesy Maria Wahlberg, Sweden. "I started a riding club for disable children in Sweden in the beginning of 1990. We needed small strong docile horses for this. I heard about the cobs and went first to England to look for them. Visited Diamond Center south London and met Ciara Hutton Hall, international liason for riding for disables. She used to have a riding school and among others she had the princess Anne as her pupil. I asked her were to find those piebalds and she told me that they were hard to find in England... I had to go to Ireland (this was 1996)so I went to Ireland.... and saw them everywhere. In roundabouts in Dublin, alongs roads, in fields, in backyards in Dublin, in camps were travelers lived. These horses were at that time seen as sausage horses. Had no value at all. You could buy loads of them for no money at all. You got them for Irish £ 400-500 each, and did they have a foal by side it was for free.Many were in extreme bad conditions. I started to import them... felt very sorry for many of them. In Sweden the vet. had to examine them. they were wormed and the farrel had to do their feets which were horrible. They had to be proper feeded, be washed, treated against lices, mites and fungus. Had injections with b-vitamine aso. After 3-4 weeks they were ready to leave for a new home." 
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