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1 | Contributed Courtesy of Brad. "I'm in Thailand and have had this albino eel-like catfish for about 2 years. It is about 18" and Ii have it in 360l tank. It is a very big predator. It sticks to the bottom and gets along well with the other fish in the tank. It likes to remain motionless within or under the plants except for occasional, sudden and vigorous bursts of sinuous swimming during which it speeds around the tank and takes gulps of air from the surface before settling back to the bottom and will eat anything but appears to particularly enjoy ghost shrimp. 
Camera: Digital Cam | Date: 11-20-08 | Resolution: 593 x 412 | ISO: 140 | Exposure Time: 1/32s | Aperture: 3.04 | Focal Length: 7.0mm | Flash: Flash fired
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