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2 | Contributed Courtesy of William Nyffenegger. "This Pet Ropefish is my Second Ropefish. Like all Ropefish he will be Pretty big when he is full grown almost 3' in fact. Ropefish are in the Bichir family and are often called Snakefish. When I got him he was very ill and had to be treated for IC and fluke twice before he recovered. Since then he has adapted to my 75 gallon tank and is enjoying himself fully. This ropefish is particularly curious and spends four to six hours roaming around the tank. His companion is another Ropefish Slightly smaller than him. The two spend lots of time going in and out of caves and often stay close. Sometimes you can observe them snuggling up close to each other while they sleep. These Ropefish are very peaceful and I would think that they would never go after anything not even if it were trying to kill them. He has one special talent and that is to scare us to death, he does this by getting into the tanks filter and then climbing back out and sometimes he does get stuck up against the filter cutting water flow." 
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