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5 | Video - Considered the beauty of its genus due to the opalescent shine of its scales, the Diamond Tetra sparkles like a diamond! With green and gold, or orange iridescents on its attractive silvery violet scales, the Diamond Tetra or Pittier's Tetra has a sparkling appearance. You must be patient to fully see this effect however, as this fish doesn't get all of its coloring until it is an adult. The Diamond Tetra likes soft peat filtered water with subdued lighting. Once it is established, this fish is extremely hardy and long-lived. It is a good community fish that is very peaceful, but it is also very active. Being on the go all day this fish gets hungry. It must be kept well fed or it may resort to munching on the aquarium plants. It is a good eater and as long as it is doesn't get hungry it will leave the plant decor alone.  
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