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5 | My dogs name is Cody, he is a four year old Shih Tzu and weighs 14 pounds. He is very playful and very quiet. One of his favorite things to do is to go down slides in a playground. I have one located on the side of my building and when I bring him down there, he runs up the stairs and goes down the slide! He does it for about thirty minutes and then he sits down and chills out for awhile. After about an hour, he starts up again! Other than the slide, he also loves the snow and rain. He always gets lost in the snow after a snow storm. In the rain, he runs in the puddles while wearing his rainboots and poncho. My dog also loves children. My nephews always kick him and punch him and he will just sit there and take it. Sometimes, he even goes up to the kids and licks them. He also loves to take pictures and show his bottom teeth. In almost all the pictures I have in my house, he is in the background which is quite funny! I think my dog is one of the best, I love him too much. Thanks for contributing him Cindy. 
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