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3 | Photo contributed courtesy Grace, Miami, Florida. "Hillary is 7 years old, weighs 15 lbs, and is 10" tall. The little Hudini kept getting out of her play space and we just couldn't figure out how, but when every we went in the front yard, a place where she is not supposed to be with out supervision, we would always see her trotting up to us from the back yard. She got so anxious one day wanting to be out side with us she could not wait. The second my back was turned she began tunneling under a small spot in the fence. Right at that moment I had the intuition to turn around and caught her wedged under the fence. When she saw that I had seen her ad found out her escape rought She proceeded to casually back up back into her pen and act as though nothing had happened at all. Of course we mended the fence, but the fact that she took such a pride and professionalism in deceiving us was really funny. She does things like that all the time. Half the time we trick her and half the time she tricks us. She's a great dog to be around and very special." 
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