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3 | hoto contributed courtesy Marylynn. "Toby is a full-blooded, 16-pound, 1-1/2 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff (rather large for a Crested!). He is the happiest and most personable dog you'd ever hope to meet. We got him for our granddaughters who live four blocks away (their mom has allergies) and he is the perfect breed because he is hypollergenic. Wherever he is, when I talk to the girls or mention their names, he gallops full speed ahead and leaps into my lap to give me a kiss. He literally is ecstatic to play with them. After Toby poops. he comes inside and does laps through the house, sometimes almost literally flying over the furniture! One of the cutest things he does on his own is what we call "Shoe Art." When we're gone, he'll bring our shoes out into the living room and place them in a row. We don't have a clue what that's about! Toby is a joy and we think he's the cutest dog there is. (In the picture, the girls dressed him up as King Toby. Immediately after they let him loose, he ran in circles until his royal robes had been shed (they taped the crown into his crest)!" 
Info at Animal-World: Chinese Crested
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