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2 | Photo contributed courtesy Ashley Britt, Greensboro, NC. "Pickles is a pug/rat terrier mix - puggat, and is 7 months old, 17" high, and weighs 16 lbs. Pickles is a spunky little boy, who loves everybody. The gal we got him from said that he was a Rugrat, a pug/rat terrier hybrid, so we named him Pickles, after the old cartoon. He is so animated that the name is perfect, plus he looks great in green! Pickles has a little wrinkly face that is beyond adorable. I have never been able to stay mad at him, no matter how many shoes he has gone through when he looks at me with those big, dark eyes. He is also a total goofball who loves a good bone and wrestling with another pup (or the cat sometimes). School buses and vacuums are his arch enemies. He loves his cat roommate, who does not share the same sentiment. He\'s defintiely a cuddle bug; he\'ll curl up under the covers with you and keep you nice and toasty on a cold night. He loves long walks and chasing balls at the local dog park. And he is always ready for a car ride as long as you crack a window for him and make a place on your lap. Pickles is definitely the cutest pup ever in my book. I hope everyone else feels the same!" 
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