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3 | Photo contributed courtesy Sue Scribner, Danbury, CT. "Merlina is 28 lbs, 8 years old. Merlina is a very smarty dog. She knows how to open the fridge when I am not looking and the front door if I don\'t lock it. She was very funny at christmas because she loves to open wrapped gifts. When she gets a stuffed toy, the first thing she does is pull the tag off because she knows how to get in to steal the squeaker and then she pulls all the stuffing out to find the squeaker. This past Christmas I had treats for her but couldn\'t find them to put them in her stocking. One day in February I was sitting watching TV and I felt something fall next to me. She had the treats hidden and brought them to me to open them for her 2 months after she hid them. She hides everything. I find bones in my laundy every time I go to the laundrymat to wash. She gets upset when anyone watches her hide bones and watches over her shoulder to be sure no one knows her hiding places." 
Info at Animal-World: Beagle
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