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4 | Photo contributed courtesy Terry Reed. "My cat, Sparky, was found under the hood of an old truck after a huge rainstorm. My then 16 yr old son and I followed the sound of its pitiful meows, and he had to crawl up under the truck and drag the wet, shivering tiny mass of matted fur. Four years later, Sparky thinks he's a mountain lion and WILL jump on you fromt he top of the cupboards!! Not to hurt but to just hang out with you! He looks like Snoopy the dog doing his 'vulture' look on the doghouse right before he makes his flying leap. At THAT time, you'd swear he was a flying squirrel. He used to jump up on my behind, catching his claws in the pockets of my jeans and hang on for dear life ...swaying with me as I walked! He is now 19 lbs and NOT fat - all muscle - and thinks he can still do that. He CAN but my behind CANT take the claws! He will bite my ankles, under my desk, if he thinks he's been ignored too long or if he hasnt been fed to HIS liking! He is 'fixed' but that does not stop him from going out and catting around til 4 am, then he leaps up and down, banging his head on my bedroom window til I wake up and let him in the house .... and he WANTS to go outside even when its 20 degrees! I finally had to put him in those little doggie boots and knitted him a 'jacket' - but he thinks the cap is just too much! I put it on, he takes it off, I put it on and he takes he off, glaring at me the entire time, like "MOM!! That is just TOO embarrassing!" His other cute lil pains in the butt include NEVER drinking water from a bowl on the floor ... I think the lil stinker would rather die of dehydration. It MUST come in a clean ceramic cup, AND fresh from the faucet, AND on the bathroom counter, AND only when I drink MY daily glasses of water! My fault too -- I thought it was so cute when he was little. Now HE has ME trained well! No litter boxes allowed, per Sparky; no water bowls, no hats, and absolutely NO car trips!! He loves our horses though and the horses love him. He can and does ride them well! Wish I had a photo of that but he seems to KNOW when I'm getting the camera out, cause he leaps off the horse and hauls himself UNDER their hooves! Goofy cat will get squashed one day and join the ranks of other creatures in our pet cemetary. If so, we'll all meet atthe Rainbow Bridge one day. :-)" 
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