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1 | Photo Wiki Commons, courtesy Amada Kaschkarow Licensed under Public Domain. "This is a one year old siamese colorpoint tabby cat from Gainesville, Florida. It is a female named Myrrh. Like most white cats with blue eyes (a result of the abnormal mutation of the tyrosinase gene in developmental stages of growth within the womb) she is deaf but extremely affectionate, resourceful and often surprisingly intelligent as well as talkative. "Colourpoint Shorthair – a Siamese-type cat registered in CFA with pointed coat colours aside from the traditional CFA Siamese coat colours; originally developed by crosses with other shorthair cats. Considered to be part of the Siamese breed in all other cat associations, but considered a separate breed in CFA. Variations can include Lynx Points and Tortie Points" 
Photographer: OS DIGITAL REBEL XT | Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT | Date: 12-03-07 | Resolution: 2304 x 3456 | ISO: 400 | Exposure Mode: Unknown (832) | Exposure Time: 1/15s | Aperture: 3.5 | Focal Length: 22.0mm | White Balance: Auto white balance | Flash: Flash did not fire, auto
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