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5 | Photo contributed courtesy SaraServal. "The breed is called the African Serval and not the American Serval. Why I call the breed the American Serval, is because the servals you see over here in the United States do not come from the wild. They are born and raised here in the states, and have no wild in them. Because they are reared by human beings, they have become domesticated while still having some of their wild attributes, such as feeding raw chicken, mice, and chicks. Servals are not attack cats, but flight animals. When stressed they will go to their comfort zone. They will only become aggressive if cornered, which any so-called domesticate cat and/or dog will do. Because of the size of the serval, and little is known of them, they are regulated in most states. Unfortunately, because of human ignorance, servals are usually catgorized with the bigger felines, such as a tiger. A tiger can weigh 300 lbs, whereas a serval can weigh, 30-40 lbs. Certain breeds of dog weigh more than that. are very aggressive, and have attacked children. But it is the serval that is judged by people who are ignornant of the breed." 
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