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5 | Photo contributed courtesy Selina. "Princess Mademoiselle Yasmina is a Tortoise Shell Cat and she is 3 years old and weighs 8.2 lbs. his female tortoise shell has changed my world! She's a very 'human-loving' cat (definitely prefers humans to other cats and animals). She thinks she's my baby; she sleeps next to my head on the pillow and when she was a kitten she used to sniff behind my ear and bury her head in my hair whilst drooling and making suckling sounds (as if she's trying to get milk from her mummy! She's kept the habit although she's 3 but she doesn't do it as often). She was obssessed with water and it held a fascination for her for a very long time. I used to always find her in the kitchen or bathroom sink trying to catch the water drops as they dripped into the sink! She's adorable, and she's also quite talkative and a delicate precious little princess, so we've called her Princess Mademoiselle Yasmina for her lady-like and delicate ways!... She's feisty, independent, princess-like, very loving, and extremely talkative and clever. She displays all the characteristics associated with "tortitude", and out of all the cats I've had, she's the most fun!" 
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