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1 | Red-Bellied Parrot (Poicephalus rufiventris) Female. "I got Jeter when she was aprox 1 year old off Craigslist. I had been searching for a small-ish quiet-ish clown-ish talk-ish parrot. Done the research and had been aquainted with parrots for some time. I decided to try to find a young-ish parrot that needed re-homming instead of a baby. Now... a year-ish later, Jeter has bonded with my husband and I... and even one of the dogs! lol! She had been kept in a back room as the woman who purchased her as a baby thought she was a male and became disinterested when her pretty orange breast feathers turned out to be just baby feathers! She said she didn't talk much.... LOL! We put her in the center of the kitchen/living room where we spend most of our time and WOW what a Diamond in the Rough! She has a HUGE vocabulary and infinate sounds! A real joy to be around! What a clown/accrobat and cuddly baby!" Submitted courtesy Bridget L. 
Info at Animal-World: Red-bellied Parrot
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