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11 | Photo courtesy Vikas Khandekar. "This is not a pet. We do not own this parakeet. It lives in the wild, and we do have a forest area nearby our home. It is only that since past four or five months (since July 2010), it visits my house in the living room with an amazing regularity. The first visit in the day is around 8:00/ 8:30 am, playing around for about half an hour or so, and then around 3:30/ 4:00 pm playing around sometimes for full one hour. Its favourite food is almonds. Apart from that it loves the crisp cookies/ biscuits, roasted peanuts, and cashew nuts that we offer. Sometimes it sips the Indian Chai from the tea cup (see the picture)!! It loves playing hide and seek with my son (who is 16), by hiding behind a curtain, and springing out - with an excited sideways movement of the torso and the neck. It produces lots of whistling sounds, and also utters the word "miThoo" (the Indian languages have this generic name for all pet parakeets - the way 'Tom' or 'Toby' is almost a generic name for any pet cat in US/ Europe). My guess is this one is a grown-up male adult. One of its regular pastimes is pecking at the TV set - our Sony Wega Trinitron. I have a separate picture showing that too. If we had felt like, we would have easily caught this one and put it in a cage, because it has been coming to our house EVERY single day in the last couple of months. But I and my family strongly believe that birds must live freely and not in cages. Hope you all liked this story. I have a video footages of this one too... if it is ok with the rules of this website, I would be more than happy to share it with you all. They are the most addictive video clippings that I have; no matter how many times one watches them, one can never get bored of them. :-)"  
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