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1 | I have three pairs of Catablue Macaws (Catalina macaw x blue and gold macaw). I love the personality, the devotion and temper of a blue and gold combined with a little spunk and color of a catalina. They are very trainable, because of the blue and gold this gives a very stable bird. They have a wowing color effect when seen face to face. The one baby I have kept is now going on two years old. She has a an orangish belly, flowing green to blue back, and where a catalina has a red forhead, she is developing a gold forhead. She also has a small level of white in her beak but this varies from a little to medium level. The Catablues vary between the blue and gold size and the catalina size which makes them a large (full size) macaw. With 75% blue and gold and 25% scarlet in there make up, you come up with a unique, spunky, beautiful bird. Good for both first time macaw owners to experienced macaw owners." Submitted courtesy Gary Totty 
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